What is E3 Visa in USA?

what is e3 visa in usa

Alternatively, the E-3 visa could be the right fit if you’re an Australian national who holds at least a bachelor’s degree – plus, its filing is much less costly than H1B and doesn’t require filing caps! There are a few things you should keep in mind before filing.

E3 visa applications tend to be quicker than H1B applications; however, applicants still need to gather several important documents prior to submitting their applications; these include their job offer letter, Form ETA 9035 and academic credentials. Furthermore, applicants should be prepared for an interview and any associated fees that might apply.

To qualify for an E3 visa in the US, you need a willing employer willing to hire you. Your company typically files Form I-129 on your behalf which serves as the “Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker,” detailing information such as your employer, job duties and any additional pertinent details. In addition, they must submit proof from the Department of Labor authorizing them to employ you within their specialty occupation.

Additionally, in addition to filing the Form I-129, you must present valid passports for yourself and any dependent spouse/children (if applicable). All passports must be valid for at least six months post filing date. In addition, Form G-28: Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative should be completed and returned by your lawyer or authorized representative and authorize them to act on your behalf.

Once your petition has been approved, you can apply for an E-3 visa either at a USCIS service center or US Consulate abroad. Consular processing provides nearly instant approval; when applying in the US however, approval could take several months to occur.

E-3 visas can be granted for two years at a time and renewed indefinitely, and their holders’ spouses and children can obtain Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) that enable them to legally work in the US. Annual numerical limitations limit for E-3 visas at 10,500 which means it’s less popular option than H1B visas.

As an E-3 visa holder, you are also permitted to visit Canada and Mexico without needing separate travel authorization from either government. Furthermore, you can reenter the US within 10 days after either your LCA is finished or new positions begin; however, an E-3 cannot be converted to another type of visa while in the US.