What is E3 Visa USA?

what is e3 visa usa

The E3 visa provides Australian citizens the ability to work in the US. Employers looking to attract or retain Australian talent often turn to this visa option as a great recruitment and retention strategy. Valid for two years and renewable indefinitely, an E3 visa does not lead to permanent residency or green card status – instead requiring extensive documentation and an interview. We will discuss here what an e3 visa usa is, its requirements as well as its advantages and disadvantages in more detail in this article.

E3 visa requirements can be more stringent than H1B ones. A number of criteria must be fulfilled to qualify, including holding at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and at least three years of relevant work experience; as well as there being a shortage of qualified American workers available for your particular role.

To establish that you meet the qualifications for an E-3 visa, it will be necessary to submit a labor condition application (LCA) with the Department of Labor. Your LCA should demonstrate that your wages will meet or exceed prevailing wages for your occupation, there is no strike, lockout or labor dispute currently taking place at the time of filing and that you fulfill any academic and occupational requirements related to that specialty occupation (e.g. licensure where applicable).

Apply for an E3 visa either within or outside the United States. If applying from outside, submit your application through a US consulate in your home country; after which, an interviewer will ask questions regarding your background and qualifications for the job you seek.

USCIS will review your application and supporting documents before reaching a decision on your visa request. Typically, visas are approved within several months from application assuming there are no errors or issues; however, they could be denied in cases such as incomplete paperwork or failing to appear for interviews.

Assuming you hold an E-3 visa in the US, travel should not be limited. Although you do not need permission from anyone for employment or residence purposes, the visa does require maintaining an employment relationship with your sponsor as well as adhering to other immigration rules. If you leave for more than 60 days without renewing it, your E-3 will expire and must be renewed again before coming back into the country on it. To help avoid issues while visiting on this visa it’s a good idea to consult a private immigration attorney beforehand to help advise and prepare any required paperwork required from them or when arriving on site when entering on one.