What is E3 Visa USA?

what is e3 visa usa

The E3 visa is an Australian work visa available in the US that offers many advantages, including low application costs, fast processing times and unlimited renewals. Employers looking for highly skilled workers in America will find this visa ideal; and its lenient rules also permit spouses and children to be included as dependents.

Sky USA Law assists its clients in efficiently completing this mandatory step by reviewing corporate information and informing them of requirements. A Labor Condition Application (LCA) form must be filed by employers as the first step of E3 process. Sky USA Law assists their clients by reviewing LCA forms efficiently for submission by filing them themselves with government authorities and informing them of requirements to complete it successfully. This form must demonstrate they have paid prevailing wages for your occupation in your county/state location as well as not incurring strikes/lockouts/work stoppages at that time. Sky USA Law assists our clients efficiently completing this mandatory step by reviewing employer information provided and in advising them as necessary on its requirements for filing.

Once an LCA is approved by the Department of Labor, an I-129 petition can be submitted by an employer to USCIS as official request for an E3 visa. USCIS reviews this request within 180 days and provides either approval or denial notice; should it be rejected, employers can file an I-797 Notice of Appeal to request reconsideration by USCIS.

If your E3 visa application is approved, your I-94 card will reflect this status. An I-94 is a small card in your passport with its own unique number; make sure to always keep a copy with you just in case it becomes necessary at any point while in the U.S. To apply for travel or employment authorization extensions or renewals; renew work permits or change visa statuses etc. You should always present this document.

Dependent upon your circumstances, an E3 visa application may be submitted through either a US consulate abroad or within the United States. When applying outside of the country, typically an interview will take place with a consular officer from either an embassy or consulate to discuss your background and case specifics – an important part of the application process that requires extensive paperwork preparation to successfully pass.

The E3 visa provides companies that need highly skilled workers with an accessible solution, with lower application fees than other US work visa routes and no lottery requirement – making it available year-round and easier for spouses and children of qualified E3 visa holders to remain permanent residents in the US. Unfortunately, however, this visa cannot be pursued with immigration intent in mind; individuals should therefore not pursue it with this intent in mind.