What is E3 Visa?

what is e3 visa usa

Australian citizens with job offers in the US who wish to immigrate are advised to consider applying for an E3 visa as it provides employment-based entry that does not depend on annual quotas or immigrant intent quotas.

First step to applying for a nonimmigrant visa online: complete Form DS-160, the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application. Next you’ll be scheduled an interview with one of the consulates.

What is the E-3 visa?

The E-3 visa is a nonimmigrant work permit available to Australian citizens who wish to work in specialty occupations in the US. It provides businesses with an option that is more cost-effective than H1B for recruiting highly-skilled talent from overseas and allows E3 holders to bring family members along with them.

This visa requires that applicants hold at least a bachelor’s degree in their field. Furthermore, they must satisfy any wage requirements specific to their occupation. It can last for two years at first and be extended indefinitely thereafter.

Similar to other nonimmigrant visas, the E-3 visa does not lead directly to a green card application; however, it allows you to apply for one after living and working in the US for several months – but note that changing jobs or companies cannot occur while on this visa status.

The process for applying for an E-3 visa varies depending on where and when you apply. Each US Embassy has their own processing timeframes. Furthermore, filing either a change of status petition or initial visa application will increase or decrease this process accordingly. To expedite this process faster and reduce delays further, premium processing petitions with USCIS are an excellent way to accelerate this process.

E-3 visa requirements

The main requirement of an E-3 visa application is receiving an employment offer from an American employer. This offer could come in verbal form or written format; either way it must include details on job duties and qualifications; how it relates to specialty occupation; as well as fair prevailing wage for your region.

Your job must require at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and the US company must have sufficient resources and can demonstrate they could not find qualified U.S. citizen workers to perform your tasks. Your US employer will file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor using form ETA 9035; once approved, submit this along with your visa application.

The E-3 visa is valid for two years and can be renewed indefinitely, allowing family members to join you in the US under this visa; they will need their own work authorization documents; unlike an H1B visa holder’s spouse who can work during their time here – unlike many nonimmigrant visas that require filing an immigrant petition with USCIS for this type of nonimmigrant status.

E-3 visa process

Working with an experienced US immigration attorney can streamline the E-3 visa application process. Once in Australia, find a job meeting E-3 visa requirements which is suitable to filing an LCA (Labor Condition Application). Your employer should then file this with the Department of Labor to ensure you’re being paid at a fair prevailing wage that does not compromise US employee salaries and working conditions in your field of employment.

As soon as you have your LCA, you can submit an application for a visa at a US Consulate in Australia – this can either be before you travel or while already present on another type of visa. In either instance, you will need a copy of your LCA, an offer letter from potential employers in a specialty occupation and proof that you possess relevant academic or other credentials.

Once you obtain a visa, you may remain in the US for up to two years and renew it as many times as necessary. Unfortunately, however, this visa cannot be used to secure permanent residency; rather it does not recognize immigration intent and you should plan your departure at the conclusion of your work period.

E-3 visa fees

E-3 visa fees include several charges. There is a $270 filing fee and non-refundable processing fee with USCIS; additionally there is a $100 LCA application fee and $100 interview/biometrics appointment appointment fees as well as $100 for LCA applications and interviews/biometrics appointments; furthermore there is also an $2,500 USCIS processing fee charged as part of this application process.

An E-3 visa applicant must also pay the prevailing wage certification, as required by the Department of Labor (DOL). This certification aims to verify that an employer in the US pays a fair and reasonable wage rate for specialization occupations.

The E-3 visa provides Australian professionals looking to work in the United States an ideal route. Valid for two-year periods, this visa permits its holder to bring his/her spouse and children as well as apply for green card after several months have been spent working here.

Applying for an E-3 visa can take time and be frustrating for both employee and employer, especially when required to secure labor certification from the DOL. But hiring an immigration attorney could speed up this process significantly.