What is My Visa Number?

e3 what is my visa number

When applying for benefits and filling out forms, the United States government often asks you for your visa number. This can be confusing if you don’t know where it can be found; this article aims to clarify what a visa number is, its location on documents and why its existence is essential.

The E3 visa is a nonimmigrant visa available to citizens of Australia seeking employment in specialized occupations in the US. Similar to H1B, its number is limited per year at 10,500 with dependent spouses and children not included as beneficiaries; additionally it cannot lead to green card status; instead it can be renewed indefinitely.

To qualify for an E3 visa, applicants must hold either a bachelor’s degree or comparable experience in a specialty occupation that showcases your professional abilities. Furthermore, academic and occupational requirements must also be fulfilled and any licensure that might be needed must be obtained within an acceptable time after arriving to the US must also be shown as possible.

Your application for an E3 visa may be filed either with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or at a consulate abroad. E3 applications filed in the US tend to be processed much quicker, although this can depend on many different factors. If applying at a consulate, be prepared for additional costs associated with their processing fee as well as attending an interview where questions about your background and intended duties in the US will be asked during an in-person visa interview process.

After your interview, if approved, a consular officer will stamp your passport with an E3 visa displaying your Visa Foil Number which is a red eight-character number located at the bottom right corner. According to US Department of State regulations, it should appear in your document.

Your stay can last up to two years depending on the circumstances; if your employer wishes to extend it further, they must file with USCIS an extension form. To qualify, your employer must show that your position is essential to their business and fulfills a specialty occupation. Keep strong ties to Australia and demonstrate that you intend to leave the US once your work is finished. Your passport must not expire within six months of returning home. If you are interested in applying for an E3 visa, consult a qualified immigration attorney to learn about eligibility requirements and application processes. They will help prepare the necessary documentation and submit your application correctly as well as facilitate consular interviews for you ensuring a seamless transition into life in the United States.