What is My Visa Number?

e3 what is my visa number

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Your visa number is an individual identifier assigned to each visa holder by USCIS. It can be found on documents you submit such as your DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application or other official paperwork you submit, much like Social Security numbers are. Your Visa Number provides a unique identifier within the U.S.

What Is an E3 Visa

An E-3 work visa allows nonimmigrant workers to enter the US to perform services in a specialty occupation that require theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge. You must hold at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in that specialty field as well as possess any necessary skills for doing the job you’re applying for.

For this visa to be granted in the United States, you need a sponsoring employer with an approved petition from them. When applying for your E-3 visa within the country or outside it (in a consulate abroad), it should be completed more quickly than filing a change of status petition inside.

Dependent upon where you apply for your visa, different forms must be submitted. For example, applying for an E-3 visa at the USCIS office in Australia requires you to submit Form I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker along with copies of biographic pages for yourself and any dependents that accompany you.

Additionally, you’ll need to submit the Declaration of Employer Point of Contact form and a letter from your employer verifying that they will pay you the prevailing wage in your specialty occupation. If you need any help with the requirements or process for this visa type, consulting an experienced immigration attorney may help to clarify what needs to be submitted compared to a change of status petition application. To get started today and schedule your free consultation with our team of specialists.