Where Can I Stamp My E3 Visa As a Dependent?

where can i stamp my e3 visa as a dependent

If you are an Australian citizen and planning on moving to the US for work purposes, an E3 visa might be perfect for you. Designed specifically to allow Australian citizens access, this visa has lower annual numerical limitations and is significantly cheaper than its H1B counterpart.

An E3 visa may be obtained at either a US Consulate abroad or within the US if your nonimmigrant status allows a change. Filing directly at a consulate provides several advantages. Most notably, receiving your stamp (officially known as sticker) more quickly than applying inside.

At either application stage – whether at a consulate or applying for a change of status – basic information will need to be submitted about yourself and your employer. Furthermore, an LCA or ETA-9035 from them is also necessary and this must describe in detail your job, show that it meets prevailing wage requirements, show proof that your education and experience meet qualifications for that specific occupation and whether licensure will be obtained within an acceptable time after entering the US.

Once approved by USCIS, you are free to begin employment in the US. However, your authorization to work will expire as stated on your Employment Authorization Document (I-94). If no arrangements have been made to extend it beyond its expiration date, then it must stop before that point in time.

If your employer changes, filing a new LCA and petitioning for extension, or applying for a change of status at a US Consulate are two options to apply for. Should the latter occur within the US, an additional fee will apply.

If you are the dependent of an E-3 visa holder and wish to remain in the US, applying for a change of status or visa at a US Consulate is required in order to maintain your status as such. A valid passport and proof of relationship between them and yourself must also be shown for you to qualify for this category of dependent visas; additionally adequate financial support and health and life insurance coverage for your stay should also be established before your application can be approved; failing these criteria, your application will likely be denied.