Where Can I Stamp My E3 Visa As a Dependent?

where can i stamp my e3 visa as a dependent

If you are an Australian citizen looking to move to the United States for work purposes, there are various visa options available to them. One popular choice is an E-3 visa which enables spouses and children of E-3 workers to live and work there as well. When applying for one of these visas there are some key considerations that must be kept in mind; here is what to keep in mind when applying.

What Is an E-3 Visa (or an E-3) An E-3 visa (E-3, for short) allows Australian citizens to work in specialty occupations in the US on nonimmigrant visas. To be eligible, individuals must possess both an offer from an American employer as well as possessing at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in relevant field(s).

An E-3 visa does not require filing with the Department of Homeland Security like H-1Bs do; rather, employers simply submit an ETA Form 9035 application directly to the Department of Labor as is standard in many US visa cases.

Once an ETA Form 9035 has been approved, an employee can begin working in the US on an E-3 visa for up to two years at a time – however if traveling outside the country before that period has expired they must obtain another stamp from either a US Embassy or Consulate to reenter.

E-3 visa holders who wish for their spouse and/or children to live and work in the US can also apply for E-3 dependent visas, provided they possess valid passports and meet all other visa requirements. E-3 dependents must also provide evidence of their relationship such as marriage certificates or birth certificates to prove this fact.

E-3 dependents must present all required documents as well as attend an interview at a US Embassy or Consulate overseas shortly after their employee completes Form DS-160, the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application. A consular officer will assess evidence submitted with each application for approval or rejection; an experienced immigration lawyer should assist applicants during this interview process.

Note that E-3 dependents cannot work while living in the US with their E-3 visa holder; any earnings are subject to federal, state and local taxes which Social Security may withhold from paychecks. Furthermore, the dependents’ status in the country will expire at either their employment authorization document’s end date or until extended by USCIS; it’s therefore imperative for an E-3 visa holder to extend their status before being forced out.