Where to Obtain E3 Visa?

where to obtain e3 visa

The E-3 visa is designed for Australian citizens looking to work in the US. In order to secure one of these work visas successfully, it’s essential to fully comprehend all requirements and steps involved in its acquisition. In this article we provide an overview of this program while offering tips on how to successfully navigate it.

E-3 visas are restricted to Australian citizens who possess an employment offer for a specialized occupation in the US that requires at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and directly relate to your field. To ensure you meet these criteria, consult with an experienced E-3 immigration attorney so they can assess if your occupation qualifies.

Employers seeking to sponsor an employee for an E-3 visa must file a Labor Condition Application (LCA). This form shows that your company reviewed your job to ensure it can’t be filled by US citizens or permanent residents, wages are fair for all employees, and certifications such as licenses or certificates exist in your profession. You will also need to submit proof of your degree as well as any licenses or certificates related to it.

Once your LCA application has been approved, you can then apply for an E-3 visa at a US Consulate or Embassy abroad. A representative from that US Embassy will interview and assess you to assess your qualifications such as education background and previous work experience; furthermore they may ask why you would benefit the United States economy with your presence; this interview typically lasts 30 minutes in total.

Once your interview is over, the US Embassy will issue you with their decision and inform you whether your visa was approved. If this occurs, then travel to the US to begin your new career; average processing times for visa approval usually take about 2 months depending on their workload.

Keep in mind that an E-3 visa is not permanent work authorization and must be renewed annually in order to remain eligible. Furthermore, should your employer change while still on an E-3 visa in the US, their new employer must file a separate LCA with the Department of Labor so you can continue working under that status – though if a better opportunity presents itself within your existing company you can switch over without having to reapply! Luckily if this occurs while already living here you don’t have to start from scratch again with another application process – transition smoothly into this new role without needing to reapply!