Where to Obtain E3 Visa

If you are an Australian national looking for temporary work in the United States, an E3 visa might be your perfect solution. This special type of visa has some key benefits designed specifically to attract Australian nationals; employers can hire highly qualified Australian citizens without needing to leave their jobs once hired by employers under this agreement and change status within the US without leaving.

To secure an E3 visa in the US, it’s essential that your job offer meets certain criteria. At minimum, it must require at least a bachelor’s degree in your specialty and pay at least the prevailing wage for that occupation. Furthermore, your company must sponsor you for this visa, and this position must qualify as a specialty occupation.

Apply for an E3 visa either within the US or at one of its Consulates abroad, provided you bring all required documentation and attend an interview at either Embassy or Consulate that will assess your qualifications, work experience and nonimmigrant intent.

When applying for an E3 visa, a Labor Condition Application (LCA) approved by the Department of Labor must also be submitted as proof that an employer cannot find qualified US workers to fill a specialty occupation position. With an LCA in hand, Form I-129 may then be submitted with USCIS for processing.

To meet the educational and professional requirements for an E-3 visa, you must provide copies of both university transcripts and your professional license (if applicable). Furthermore, at least three years of progressively responsible experience within your specialty occupation should also be demonstrated.

To streamline the application process and ensure its speed and ease, it is advisable to gather all your paperwork beforehand. This will prevent delays and ensure a complete application. It would also be beneficial to enlist help from an immigration attorney located within the US as they can guide you through each requirement and prepare the necessary documents.

Under certain conditions, your spouse and children may be eligible to join you as dependents of an E3 visa holder in the US. This will allow for two years together as well as giving family members the chance to work and study here as well. Extending an E-3 visa is usually straightforward by filing an EAD, however first your petition for change of status must be approved by USCIS before requesting one with your employer.