Where to Renew E3 Visa

The E3 visa was specifically created for Australian citizens to make moving to the US to perform work related to their profession easier. Available to teachers, surgeons, architects, engineers, and IT workers.

E3 visa requirements include having an offer from an American employer and possessing education or experience related to your specialty field of employment. Additionally, approval by the Department of Labor must also be secured – they review work requirements such as paying at least the prevailing wage for that occupation.

E3 visas are granted for two years, with possible extensions up to indefinite length as long as eligibility requirements remain met. To extend an e3 visa, an extension petition must be filed with USCIS before its current status expires and it must show that you meet these criteria for eligibility.

Your E3 visa application requires the payment of associated fees, which vary depending on your case type and can be found on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Furthermore, proof of your identity such as a copy of your passport may also be needed as proof that your specialty occupation is sought-after in America; you can do this through wage surveys from DOL or letters from employers who have employed other E3 visa holders in your field of specialty.

At your interview, you will be asked questions regarding your employment history, qualifications, and details related to working in the United States. Your interviewer may also inquire as to your motivations for remaining employed here and plans for returning home when your contract has concluded; make sure not to indicate that you intend to remain here permanently as this could result in being denied.

Applying for an E3 visa can be done either from outside the US or at a US Consulate. Applying at the consulate may be preferable if you’re currently inside on another visa and/or plan on switching visa status within. It is also beneficial if applying from within because changing from an ESTA to E3 status inside can often prove tricky.

An E3 visa application process typically takes four to six weeks. This can vary depending on a variety of factors such as how quickly documents can be assembled and availability at embassy appointments. Premium processing may also be offered for an additional fee and could expedite this process further.