Who is E-3 Visa For?

who is e3 visa for

The E-3 visa was introduced as part of the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement in 2005 and is exclusively reserved for Australian citizens looking to work in specialty occupations in the US. Holders are permitted to remain here as long as their employers continue paying them prevailing wages in their professions.

To qualify, applicants must possess at least a bachelor’s degree or be able to demonstrate equivalent work experience in their specific occupational field, in addition to evidence that they have been offered employment with an established salary that meets or surpasses prevailing wages for that occupation.

Applying for an E-3 visa may be complicated, but having an experienced attorney by your side can make the process more straightforward. Filing the appropriate form with the appropriate office is key; depending on whether or not it’s for a change of status petition or E-3 visa application, specific documents may need to be submitted; additionally, certain requirements must be fulfilled, including providing proof that your finances allow for your living costs and any possible family members who might join you here in the US.

Filing for an E-3 visa abroad or through USCIS service centers, both require you to provide certain documents – from certified Labor Condition Applications (ETA Form 9035) from your employer to letters confirming they will offer employment at wages that meet or exceed prevailing market rates and any certificates or licenses related to your occupational field if applying via consulates abroad. If filing via consulates abroad you will also have an interview scheduled with an immigration officer.

Once you receive a visa, it’s essential that all the details on it are accurate. Your photo and all pertinent details should appear prominently; therefore, double-check before leaving the consulate or embassy.

The E-3 visa provides Australian professionals looking to start careers in America while being able to bring their family with them. It has many benefits, including quick processing times and smooth transitions between employers. As long as you comply with the conditions of your visa, USCIS allows you to switch jobs within your industry while remaining in America. Galstyan Law’s experienced US immigration attorneys understand all the requirements necessary for applying for an O-1 visa, so you’re in safe hands if this is your first professional endeavor in America. Contact our Los Angeles-based firm now for more details!