Who is E-3 Visa For?

who is e3 visa for

The E-3 visa is intended for Australian citizens working in specialty occupations. It is a nonimmigrant work visa which can be renewed indefinitely and allows family members (spouses and children under 21) to obtain derivative status; moreover, its cost is significantly cheaper than H-1B visa.

To qualify for an E-3 visa, Australian citizens must have attained at least a bachelor’s degree or have equivalent work experience in their specialty occupation and be willing to accept payment of the prevailing wage for that role from their employers.

To verify your qualifications with USCIS, a number of documents such as a support letter from your company, the Labor Condition Application form and copies of passport(s). In addition, an interview must also take place at either an US Embassy or Consulate before receiving approval of your visa application.

Acquisition of an E-3 visa can be time consuming. To streamline the process, we advise working with an experienced immigration attorney – Galstyan Law’s attorneys have experience obtaining E-3 visas and can guide you through it all.

Once you have successfully completed the initial steps of an E-3 visa process, your visa must be renewed every two years. In order to do this, a Labor Condition Application and proof that you continue performing duties related to your specialty occupation are needed to renew it.

To ensure smooth visa processing, it’s crucial that all necessary documents are submitted. We advise including a detailed plan on how you will continue in your specialty occupation as well as proof of any additional qualifications you’ve met or plan to acquire in the near future. It is also a wise move to keep a copy of your LCA handy as this will likely come handy during renewal applications.

If you are changing employers while on an E-3 visa, filing a transfer petition and Labor Condition Application with your new employer are both necessary to prove they are paying you at a fair wage for your specialty occupation. Furthermore, having an action plan regarding how you will maintain eligibility for this type of visa is also key.

The E-3 visa provides Australians who wish to work in the United States in specialty occupations with an option that has limited availability each year, though. We suggest reaching out to us in order to discuss your individual case and determine whether this visa might be best suited to you.