Who Is Eligible For E3 Visa?

The E3 visa provides U.S. businesses with an opportunity to hire highly-qualified Australian talent under the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement. In order to qualify, an individual must possess a valid passport issued by Australia as well as have received an employment offer from an U.S.-based company willing to sponsor their visa application and meet educational and occupational requirements specific to their job position – including any licensure requirements which may exist for licensure requirements in their position.

USCIS defines “specialty occupation” as any profession requiring either a bachelor’s degree or higher in its relevant specialty, or equivalent professional experience. This definition covers fields like IT, engineering, business management as well as arts sciences and creative industries. If you need assistance to determine whether you qualify for E3 visa please reach out to a legal expert for advice.

To obtain an E3 visa, your employer must file Form ETA 9035 with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to receive Labor Condition Approval (LCA). This typically takes 5 to 10 business days; they also must submit evidence that no qualified US citizens could fill your position and that you are being paid fairly.

Once your employer has filed the LCA on your behalf, they will submit Form I-129 to USCIS with information about your job and wages; details related to visa application process etc. USCIS will then review whether you meet eligibility requirements to work in America before issuing you with an E3 visa if approved.

While in E3 visa status, you must maintain a valid passport from the country of your citizenship. Furthermore, you should notify both your employer and I-94 departure record when any change takes place or when departing the U.S. Additionally, an extension must be requested prior to your current E-3 visa expiring.

The E-3 visa grants you entry into the United States for two years at a time and is renewable indefinitely, provided you meet its conditions each year. Once established in America for some time, an applicant may also apply for a green card and eventually citizenship.

The E3 visa is a great choice for employers who are hiring skilled workers from abroad. It requires minimal application costs and processing times, isn’t subject to annual lottery, and provides numerous additional advantages to both employers and employees alike. If you’re interested in applying for one, consult an experienced immigration attorney first in order to assess eligibility and next steps; otherwise read up on its benefits by reading Who Is Eligible For An E3 Visa? In the meantime you can read up more about its advantages by reading about Who Are Eligible for E3 Visa? or find out more about U.S immigration processes by reading about H-1B Visa and L-1B visa.