Who Is Eligible For E3 Visa?

who is eligible for e3 visa

The E-3 visa provides Australians who wish to work in specialty occupations in the US with an option for entry. According to USCIS definition, specialty occupations require “theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge.” It allows dependent family members (spouses/children) to join its holder. There is an annual quota limit of 10,500 on this route compared with other work visa routes available to US workers.

First step to obtaining an E-3 visa: Secure an offer from a United States company offering employment in a specialty occupation and submit it with your statement verifying you meet minimum requirements, including qualifications and salary requirements for this position. Also submit a Labor Condition Application and Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker from USCIS website as part of your application package.

You must possess at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in your field of expertise to be eligible for the E-3 visa, although this degree doesn’t necessarily need to be from an accredited university; alternatively it could be obtained by another means such as certificate or diploma of equal merit. It may also be possible to qualify based on years of professional experience – the regulations have a formula determining how many years can replace one bachelor’s degree equivalently.

Once your employer has filed the necessary documents, you must submit Form G-28: Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative. This document identifies your lawyer or representative and allows them to act on your behalf. In addition, please include copies of both biographic pages from your passport as well as any dependent passports for review by USCIS; they will use this data to decide whether you qualify for an E-3 visa.

When USCIS approves you for E-3 status, they will give your passport an E-3 visa stamp. When receiving it, make sure all details are correct: dates, employer name and spelling of your name should all match up perfectly with what’s written on it – otherwise contact a consulate or embassy immediately in order to have any discrepancies corrected.

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